Custom Precision Rifles and  Cut Rifled Barrels

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Standard Barrel Blank (Stainless Finish)

Barrel + Installation

(Bolt Action)

Installation (Other Barrels)

Muzzle Break/Suppressor Installation

Pillar Bedding

Pre-Fit Barrel Threaded Muzzle (5/8 X 24) With Knurled Cap









Custom Cut Rifled Barrels for the Precision Shooter



Mark Chanlynn is an honors graduate from Trinidad State College class of 1968 with an associates degree in Gunsmithing. He worked under Barrett "Boots" Obermeyer for three and half years, during which time he earned his journeyman's (later masters) apprentice rating from the state of Wisconsin. From Obermeyer he learned the art of cut rifle barrel making from the best in the business. Mark has 35 years experience shooting NRA High Power rifle competition, Palma, and Long Range, and holds an NRA classification of High Master. Mark's Rifles and Barrels have been found at the summer and winter Olympic games, world championships, international championships, CISM world championships, sporting and tactical rifle matches, as well as national, regional, state, and local matches.

Matthew Chanlynn is Mark's son and has been working in the shop for the last 6 years, and has a bachelors degree from Colorado State University. Matthew has experience in all aspects of the business including barrelmaking and general gunsmithing. 

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